Is LifeOnline For You?

If you are serious about your wealth and want to understand it, you can not be without Life Online. Whether you are at retirement or just starting out Life Online is for you. Please note Life Online is not an accounting software and far from it, it is an easy to use performance based programme to help you increase your wealth, understand the performance of your assets, prepare for your retirement and help you spot and reduce your liabilities.

Life Online is for you if you:

  • Don’t have enough money at the end of the month
  • Want to start property investing
  • Have property investments already
  • Want to understand the performance of your assets
  • Want to retire with wealth not debt
  • Want to reduce, maintain and understand your household budget
  • Care about wealth for your family and future generations
  • Are in debt and don’t know why
  • Want accurate and up-to-date data for your investments
  • Want a cashflow analysis for all of your assets

Don’t be like most investors where they think they know the exact performance index figures of their portfolios and then wonder why they are not making any money. Whether you are counting your pennies over the food bill or the rent from your tenant, even watching your kiwisaver grow over time Life Online is for you. Become a member today and join Life Online.

Achieve Important Goals With LifeOnline

Life Online – The Complete Program to Reach Your Financial Goals

Its important you understand the performance and current position of your financial assets.  Life Online has been created with this in mind so that you can simply add new assets or just keep up-to-date with your current assets.  Life Online is a program designed to help you work smarter not harder and is full of features that help you keep track of your future retirement goals.  Below are just a few features that Life Online uses to improve your knowledge to achieve your financial and retirement goals faster.

Property Portfolio

  • Property Portfolio for all properties as well as individual properties
  • Pre-tax and after tax cashflow
  • LVR per property
  • Projected Capital Growth including graphs
  • Net Yield on cost and market value
  • Gross yield
  • Property Expenses
  • Loan rates including additional loans
  • Plus loads more

Kiwi Saver

  • Full comprehensive Kiwisaver Annual Report
  • Fund Manager
  • Contribution rates
  • Projected growth per year
  • Yearly contribution

Retirement Planning Tool

  • Tracks your current financial position and projects when you will retire
  • Analysis tool to determine the assets and cashflow you will like at retirement
  • Indicates the gap between when you want to retire versus actual retirement
  • Full analysis includes inflation and interest rates
  • You can choose your own retirement age and wealth requirement

Property Software – Property Analysis before you buy

  • Full comprehensive details of your potential purchase
  • Expenses
  • Loans
  • Pre-tax and after tax cashflow
  • Rent
  • Net Yield on cost and Market Value
  • Full 30 year forecast
  • Plus loads more


Above is only a snippet of what Life Online is capable of doing for you.  If you are serious about your financial future whether it may be for your family or just yourself, Life Online is a must have.  So don’t delay and contact us today.

Achieve Your Money Goals Faster

Achieving your money goals means having the right plan, and taking the right actions. Life Online is a web-based tool that was created to support the necessary planning and execution required to achieve your financial goals FASTER!

Having a clear and accurate path to financial freedom is important for any investor.  If you don’t know where you are going how are you going to get there. You need to know your current facts and figures so that you can prepare for your future earnings.

Life Online helps you create that path by using your current financial position (income, expenses, liabilities, equity, passive income) and predicting your future earnings.  Not only that, but you can also project your future retirement and whether you are going to actually reach retirement in time before your eventual death.
Why is it that some of us seem to get ahead quicker than others when it comes to wealth creation.  Is it because they have more wealth to begin with, more income, know the right people or have the right tools for the job.  It could be any of these though we are all individuals and we all have to start somewhere.  Life Online allows you to start “somewhere”, by making sure you purchase the right investments, understand and know where you expenses are going, predict future growth and help you work out your current financial and retirement position.

So go ahead and create your future wealth with Life Online and you will truly appreciate the satisfaction that you are prepared for your retirement. Join now or contact us.

The Road To Retirement

Life Online is a program that gives you control over your financial future. As the world population increases, we will hear more and more horror stories of people living longer than their funds allow. Being well informed as well as taking action with the right support is a recipe for successful retirement and with today’s economy, now is a better time than ever to prepare (if you haven’t already) for your retirement.

Retirement for some is to live comfortably without the stress or worry about whether you are going to have enough money to life through retirement.  For others, retirement is about making sure that wealth continues to grow far beyond their eventual death, so that their wealth can be shared with future generations.

We all want to live longer and be healthier, though how are you going to survive if you don’t have the cashflow to support your lifestyle.  You might say that you have a mortgage free home and the government is going to pay for you.  Well guess again, if you believe you can live on around $200 per week (pension) but you still want to travel the world, think again.  If you are in your 30’s by the time you reach retirement age it will probably be at 70 years of age and if you are currently in your 20’s the pension may not even exist anymore.

Why rely on someone else to give you the bad news when you hit 65, when you can use Life Online right now to show you how you can improve your financial position so you can prepare and enjoy your retirement with out the stress or hassle of waiting for the cheque everyweek.

To often New Zealanders are relying on the government to pay for their retirement, the reality is don’t, you will be greatly disappointed.

What does your retirement look like for you?

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