Q: How do I start Life Online?

A: Click on the Join Now or contact us on 09 522 7955.

Q: What is the cost of Life Online?

A: Life Online costs $320 + GST per year, though free if you are a compliance client of Gilligan Rowe and Associates.

A one off fee applies for the initial set up of $300 + GST.  The setup takes around 90 minutes.

Q: Why can’t I just start Life Online myself without the setup costs?

A: Life Online is simple to use yet complex in nature.  We will setup a 90 minute Life Online meeting covering data entry which includes your assets, liabilities, home & income details along with your current cashflow. We will also enter your retirement goals and project your future wealth against your retirement goals. This is a 11 step process which by completion will give you full access to Life Online. We will then train you on other Life Online tools that can be used to help with future investment property purchases as well as creating different retirement scenario’s.

Q: Will this work on any computer?

A: Yes PC and MAC. Life Online is not a software package so no discs to download , as long as you have access to the internet you can access your Life Online anywhere in the world.

Q: How secure is Life Online?

A: Life Online has the same security as your personal internet banking.

Q: What assets can I add to Life Online?

A: Home, Batch, Investment property (residential and commercial), Shares, Deposits, Businesses, Chattels, KiwiSaver, Superannuation, Precious metals, Land, cars.

Q: Can I also add my personal income, home expenses and other personal liabilities?

A: Yes deffinetly, this is what Life Online is about, adding all of your income and debt whether personal or business.

Q: I do not have any investment properties at the moment though I am looking, will Life Online be for me?

A: Yes, Life Online is the perfect tool for you. Part of Life Online is a property tool where you can enter potential property deals you are looking to purchase. This enables you to work out before and after tax cashflow, yields, expenses, rent plus all the other details to help you decide whether the property is worth purchasing as an investment.  Life Online will also help sort out your home expenses as well as help create your retirement plan.

Q: What happens if my retirement goals can not be met?

A:  This is where Life Online is so powerful to help with your retirement planning.  Life Online enables you to enter different scenarios based on purchasing investment properties over time. Life Online then projects your future purchases to predict how you will reach your retirement goals earlier.