Can You Ever Afford to Retire……Take the Test

Welcome to Take the Test. This is your oppotunity to find out whether you will be able to retire based on your assets you currently own versus what lifestyle assets and passive income you desire to have at and during your retirement, Click HERE to begin.

Retirement is different for everyone, it could mean you still want to work though you choose when or how often you do work, or that you never want to work for anyone else and you will spend your days in the garden, playing golf, fishing or even travelling the world. Click Here to ‘Take the Test’.

The questions you need to ask yourself:
At what age will I retire
Can I afford to retire
What type of retirement would I like to have
Will my current assets help me live a healthy and prosperous life
Can my partner and I retire earlier or do we need to keep working and investing

To Take the Test all you need to do is click here or on the icon and follow through the 4 steps.

Please note:
When you have entered your data it will be discarded at the end of the session once you have moved away from the retirement page.
The page is fully secure and no data is stored or saved.
You need to complete all steps to receive your retirement outcome
Please enter accurate information as this will give you accurate results
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