Achieve Important Goals With LifeOnline

Life Online – The Complete Program to Reach Your Financial Goals

Its important you understand the performance and current position of your financial assets.  Life Online has been created with this in mind so that you can simply add new assets or just keep up-to-date with your current assets.  Life Online is a program designed to help you work smarter not harder and is full of features that help you keep track of your future retirement goals.  Below are just a few features that Life Online uses to improve your knowledge to achieve your financial and retirement goals faster.

Property Portfolio

  • Property Portfolio for all properties as well as individual properties
  • Pre-tax and after tax cashflow
  • LVR per property
  • Projected Capital Growth including graphs
  • Net Yield on cost and market value
  • Gross yield
  • Property Expenses
  • Loan rates including additional loans
  • Plus loads more

Kiwi Saver

  • Full comprehensive Kiwisaver Annual Report
  • Fund Manager
  • Contribution rates
  • Projected growth per year
  • Yearly contribution

Retirement Planning Tool

  • Tracks your current financial position and projects when you will retire
  • Analysis tool to determine the assets and cashflow you will like at retirement
  • Indicates the gap between when you want to retire versus actual retirement
  • Full analysis includes inflation and interest rates
  • You can choose your own retirement age and wealth requirement

Property Software – Property Analysis before you buy

  • Full comprehensive details of your potential purchase
  • Expenses
  • Loans
  • Pre-tax and after tax cashflow
  • Rent
  • Net Yield on cost and Market Value
  • Full 30 year forecast
  • Plus loads more


Above is only a snippet of what Life Online is capable of doing for you.  If you are serious about your financial future whether it may be for your family or just yourself, Life Online is a must have.  So don’t delay and contact us today.