What Is LifeOnline?

Life Online is a online personal financial planning tool that helps you plan and achieve your money goals faster. Life Online eliminates so much of the risk associated with making, investing and holding on to wealth. How? Because it takes proven principles and concepts that are used by profitable businesses…and applies them over…and over again to produce a very accurate outcome.

Life Online enables you to bring together your personal income and expenses whether from salary, self employment or business. Then incorporate your assets with passive income to produce your current financial position in both equity and cashflow.

Life Online doesn’t stop there, you are then able to create a retirement plan that can forecast you current assets to predict your future retirement and determine if you will reach your retirement goals.

Top 10 Reasons Why Life Online Will Benefit You:

  1. Cashflow analysis for home, property, business (weekly, monthly, yearly),
  2. Overview of total Equity, Debt and market value of assets
  3. Complete data analysis of your home expenses and income
  4. Performance based reports for investment properties including graphs
  5. Mortgage and Tax Calculations at a click of a button
  6. What if asset projection planner for your retirement
  7. Property analysis tool for purchasing future investments
  8. Flip and renovation scrutiny planner for property projects
  9. Manage your goals and events and receive them automatically via email
  10. Kiwi saver, superannuation performance tool

The list dosent stop there, so if you want to watch a quick 5 minute demonstration CLICK HERE or if you want to arrange to get Life Online UP and GOING as quickly as possible CLICK HERE.